Dr. Oskar Oehling, Medical Doctor (MD)

I am a Medical Doctor (MD)
As a doctor of internal medicine I am specialized in jobs as a provisional medic (locum physician), working in inner medicine and emergency medicine since several years, right now at Kliniken Unterallgäu - Mindelheim.

Dr. Oskar Oehling (MD)

Do you need my hands-on help and medical attention at short notice?

Many of my missions are short-term, professionally managed and affordable.

Please schedule an appointment via Email. I'll be in touch soon.


Facharzt für Innere Medizin -Vertretungen Innere Medizin und Notfallmedizin
- Kliniken Unterallgäu - Mindelheim. Soweit ich behilflich sein kann, höre ich gerne von Ihnen.

Dr. med. Oskar Oehling

  • Dr. med. Oskar Oehling, Medical Doctor (MD), LocumDoc
  • Currently: Bad Wörishofer Str. 44 · D-87719 Mindelheim, Germany · iPhone  +49 171 1223291 ·  dr_oehling@konquest.de